Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD Full Transcript

Jan 03, 2022

Washington, DC — Today, Congressman Troy E. Nehls (R-TX-22) entered the transcript of the Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Interview with Dr. Robert Malone, MD into the Congressional Record after Twitter and YouTube removed the interview from their platforms. Dr. Malone is a widely published mRNA vaccine expert who went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to raise concerns over the COVID-19 vaccine. Twitter’s move to deplatform Dr. Malone and remove the interview from their site is the latest in a string of censuring individuals who dissent against the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine mandates.

“By deplatforming Dr. Robert Malone for voicing opposition and removing the interview, Twitter and YouTube are once again proving that they don’t work for their users but for big Pharma, big media, and the elites,” said Congressman Nehls. “When we stray away from our core principles of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of debate, democracy is lost. Today, I entered the transcript of the Joe Rogan Experience #1757 into the Congressional Record to preserve the podcast forever. Big Tech may be able to censor information on their own platforms, but they cannot censor the Congressional Record.” 

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